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We provide the following BOM & BOQ/Quantity take off services:

- A list to calculate the approximate cost of project for bidding purpose.
- A list of materials required by a owner or contractor to calculate cost
- A list of materials required by a contractor,  supplier or vendor to complete a contract or an order
- A list of all raw materials, parts, intermediates, subassemblies, etc., (with their quantities and description) required to construct, overhaul, or repair something


Bill of Quantities (BOQ), Bill of Materials (BOM), Cutting Lists & Quantity take offs are considered as the Key economical factor for any project. BOQ & BOM are prepared at the preliminary stage of the Façade fabrication, which involves in the core estimation of the project cost. It contains all data of scope and materials, directly or indirectly involved in fabrication of façade components and helps the Owner/ Consultant to design the profitability and feasibility of the project accurately. Metal Cutting lists are a key factor in the Fabrication stage of Façade elements. It helps in controlling the estimated cost by neutralizing the wastages and provides final information on the fabrication.

Advenser’s Façade expertise support, provides the client with all such relevant accurate BOQ’s, BOM’s and Cutting Lists according to Client’s facade standards at reasonable rates.

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